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Case Handler

Full Time
Posted 9 hari yang lalu
Job description
Calling and follow up the cases to the users.

Handling requests and cases from customers, Relationship Managers, or Customer Services.

Manage the end to end of caseloads, cases, and requests.

Prepare the necessary forms and documents required to keep requests and cases moving forward and resolved.

Escalate the cases to the IT or any related division to solve the cases.

Coordinate with CS team, RM, RISK, or PR if needed.

Manage and monitor all the customer’s transactions run smoothly, from customer’s payment process to funding withdrawal.

Engage and coordinate with third parties, in particular, financial institutions related with the company process, e.g. payment gateway.

Make reports for all customer’s requests and cases handling.

Ability to meet and exceed key performance and customer service goals such as Customer Satisfaction, Average Handle Time, and Quality Assurance.

Making sure that the whole flow procedure is accurate and up to date.

Following and aware of corporate information update.
Have minimum Bachelor’s degree of any major from a reputable university.

At least 1 year of working experience in managing or handling end-to-end cases/claims and maintaining customer relationships.

Have great organizational and problem-solving skills.

Is accurate and agile.

Have strong analytical and critical thinking skills.

Passionate to deliver a great customer experience.

Excellent in verbal and non-verbal communication.

Proficient in English, both written and oral.