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Security Operations Engineer

Full Time
Posted 30+ hari yang lalu
Job description
Location Jakarta Work Type Permanent Application Posted February 25, 2022

About the Role

They say no man is an island - a notion that holds particularly true for this role. As our SecOps Engineer, you’ll be an instrumental cog in the Cloud Security Team wheel of GoTo that directly impacts the company’s overall security posture. Collaborating with many teams within GoTo, your main objective will be to support the security and processes across different environments that will create innovative security solutions and is able to work with different teams to understand gaps and challenges and address those considering a holistic view of security, taking into account technology, people, and process that aligns well with organization goals and objectives. You will have ample opportunity to flex your design, implementation, scripting, cyber defense security skills, and dive deep into projects surrounding data lakes, web services, security automation, building secure systems, embracing new technologies, and ways of doing things, doing knowledge sharing and being able to walk an extra mile to make things happen, collectively getting us even closer to security first organization.

What You Will Do

  • Identify and define system security requirements as well as perform security assessment and hardening of critical systems
  • Implement and monitor security measures for the protection of computer systems, networks, and information
  • Create and maintain standard security operating procedures and protocols
  • Develop technical solutions with security tools and processes to help mitigate security vulnerabilities along with automating repeatable tasksDeploy end to end security solutions to meet the company’s obligations to customers, regulators, and business partners
  • Monitor the overall security of Cloud and Systems running on it with the help of different security tools, native and non-native
  • Be a gatekeeper to ensure all systems follow security best practices to meet regulatory security standards and compliance
  • Configure and troubleshoot security infrastructure issues and incidents

What You Will Need

  • At least 5 years of solid experience in Cloud Security Operations
  • Hands-on implementation of Security Solutions in Cloud both native and non-native capabilities in GCP or other Cloud providers
  • Technical knowledge of the different technologies in GCP including the Security, Network, Storage, and Data Lake
  • Thorough understanding of the latest security principles, techniques, and protocols especially in Cloud
  • Informed in various Security Frameworks such as NIST, CSA, CIS, and among others
  • Cloud Security-related certifications are preferred. Plus points if the candidate has CISM, CCSK or CCSP
  • Familiar with deployment orchestration, automation, and security configuration management (Terraform, Ansible, etc) preferred
  • A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related Information Technology discipline

About the Team

Gojek Information Security, specifically Security Operations, plays an essential role in Gojek's success. We collectively oversee and manage IT Governance, Information Security, and Risk and Compliance for the whole company. Our work also involves quite a bit of cross-group collaboration and working with product groups across the company means we work across all of Gojek’s markets, with colleagues and friends in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and India.

So, that’s a snippet of our work. Although, that is not the only thing that we enjoy doing together as a team. Turns out, we have been enjoying WFH more than we thought we would Honestly, as much as we like our work, we find WFH makes it easier to take some downtime and chill at home. You'll find us binging the latest Netflix dramas, trying out hand at whipping up delicious meals at home, or battling it out in the gaming arena.