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Team Leader

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Full Time
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Job description

Who You'll Work With

You will be based in our office in Jakarta and will join McKinsey Development partners (MDP), a McKinsey entity and supplier of consulting services to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Currently, we are delivering multiple programs across Africa and Latin America. Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) British Support for Infrastructure Projects (BSIP) is a 5-year program that will support predominately low- / lower middle- income country governments to prepare, procure and finance high-quality, development-focused sovereign-backed infrastructure projects that are aligned with national climate action plans. As part of this program, you will work in collaboration with the governments of countries seeking support, investors, development finance institutions and donors, as well as stakeholders in the broader infrastructure and engineering sector. BSIP will have a strong focus on supporting partner countries transition to green, climate-resilient development pathways. BSIP financial support will be required to largely meet one or more of the KPIs of the UK’s International Climate Fund (ICF) in its first three years of operation. BSIP will provide support through two components which is the technical assistance facility (“TA facility”) which will provide technical assistance and advisory services to governments to improve project preparation, design, feasibility and procurement, with a focus on high-quality, high development impact infrastructure, aligned with national climate action plans. The other one is concessional blending facility (“concessional blending facility”) – which will provide grants to bring down the cost of a wider debt-financing packages for sovereign-backed infrastructure projects aligned with national climate action plans.

What You'll Do

You will be responsible for managing the overall program which could include a broad geographic remit since BSIP is open to countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America. In this role, you will establish and lead the central team within the program. You will work with technical and country leads and their teams on the ground to ensure timely execution of deliverables set, and monitor progress. You will provide a long-term commitment to the program. You will have the relevant technical background, a strong network to draw on and experience in infrastructure financing. You will provide technical and managerial leadership in the development of the program’s annual action plan and its implementation. You will build relations with various government entities and stakeholders in target countries during the inception stage to increase awareness of the program. You will be responsible for high level coordination and representation of the program with FCDO and other key stakeholders, including consortium partners. You will provide quality oversight in program design and overall delivery of interventions. You will lead the design and delivery of target interventions. You will provide oversight and accountability of the program’s budget and finances. You will provide ongoing leadership, capacity building and mentorship to the program team.


  • University degree preferred
  • 15+ years working experience in international projects, including in both Africa and Asia, with 5+ years of experience in projects in developing countries lasting more than 2 years
  • Experience managing teams of 10 or more including local and international staff
  • 2+ year experience managing at least one project for an external government client
  • Proven experience managing large multi-country programs with focus on infrastructure investment/deal-based support
  • Working knowledge of FCDO and/or other donors, as well as with private sector partners is a clear advantage
  • Proven experience in planning, developing, managing, monitoring and delivering projects
  • Ability to travel internationally up to 50% of the time